DJM Aerial Solutions expands services with vital support

Middlesbrough-based DJM Aerial Solutions has expanded its service offering and increased turnover after receiving support from Tees Valley Business Compass (TVBC) and DigitalCity.

DJM is a commercial drone operator that provides surveying and inspection services across a range of industries, including: industrial, agricultural, mapping, offshore, and property.

One service the firm could not provide to clients, due to a lack of specialist equipment, was confined space inspection and surveying.

Though they were receiving enquiries for this service, they lacked the funds to purchase the specific piece of equipment that would allow them to provide this service remotely.

By accessing the services of TVBC and DigitalCity, DJM was able to secure a grant towards the equipment cost and managing director Dan Maine took part in the 10-week Fellowship Accelerator Programme.

As a result they are now starting to see more enquiries come in and are even hiring a drone pilot on an ad hoc basis.

Dan Maine, Managing Director of DJM Aerial Solutions, explained:

“Since accessing the fund we can now offer more services such as remote inspection and survey using the drone.
“Not only have we seen an increase in turnover since purchasing the equipment, it has also increased our confidence to compete with the bigger players in the industry.
“I would recommend that any other Tees Valley businesses looking to grow get in touch with Tees Valley Business Compass and DigitalCity.”

Scott Watson, DigitalCity Cluster Innovation Manager said:

“We offered DJM a grant of £5,000 through our Fellowship Accelerator Programme, a 10-week course which helps participants build the foundation of their business and successfully grow it.
“DJM was the ideal business for us: a Tees Valley-based start-up in its first year of trading that is working digitally.
“We hope our grant and workshops, as well as our ongoing mentoring, will give Dan every chance to make a success of his business.”

Gemma Walton, Marketing & Events Manager at TVBC, said:

“Our job is to help businesses across Tees Valley reach their potential by accessing vital local support.
“DJM had a very specific needs that would allow them to take their business to the next level, but it is often hard for start-ups to spend large sums of money on expensive pieces of equipment.
“Fortunately, Dan was able to access the TVBC Growth Fund to fund the company’s new drone, receiving a grant of £6,665 to the overall project cost of £20,199.
“We also decided to bring in digital and tech specialists DigitalCity to help support the business and provide Dan with a vital foundation to his business.

DJM - Specialist inspection and survey at height. DJM Aerial Solutions provide inspection services at height and difficult to access areas via the use of drone technology.

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