Since 2007, we've guided more than 450,000 UK businesses to make better business decisions more quickly.

Sometimes, that has been as simple as helping them understand a new piece of legislation, through to securing the right funding, helping them adopt new digital technology or finding more customers and talent to unlock their potential.

We've done this by finding and packaging the right information, expertise and finance so they can get more of what you want – whether that’s more customers, funding, talent or simply time.

As UMi we'll continue to help business do more and go further.

From hereon in, BE Group will be known as UMi (pronounced oo-mee). The name comes from the abbreviated form of Ursa Minor – a constellation that contains Polaris, the Alpha star of the constellation.  It’s a constant in the night sky, trusted by people to guide them for centuries. Just like us.

We look forward to continuing our work with you. To find out more, please visit www.weareumi.co.uk.