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Let's Grow North & East Yorkshire

Lets Grow N E Yorkshire 2

Let's Grow North & East Yorkshire is a £2 million Local Growth Fund programme managed by the 
BE Group in partnership with Clive Owen LLP.

The programme provides grant support for capital investment projects that will create new, sustainable jobs in North Yorkshire, the City of York and the East Riding of Yorkshire.  Grant support is available for business expansion and diversification and is designed to help firms to expand their operations or to set up new establishments in the region.

Let's Grow is aimed towards manufacturing businesses and service sector businesses offering more than a local service.  Grants are available to businesses of all sizes, with higher levels of support available to SMEs.  The programme operates under strict State Aid rules, so non-SMEs will only be eligible by exception – please speak to one of our advisers.

The programme supports projects of £125,000 or more which will be completed by March 2019.  Projects must meet the eligibility criteria of the programme and are also judged on their levels of impact and value for money.

Grants of £25,000 to £1,000,000 are available and the levels of support we can offer range from 10% to 30% of the eligible project expenditure.  The level of support offered in each case will be determined by factors including the location of the project, the type of expenditure involved, the size of the company and the level of job creation.

To be successful, applications must:

  • Create or safeguard sustainable jobs within the applicant company
  • Offer good value for money in terms of value of grant per job created
  • Make a clear case for needing grant support
  • Have adequate private sector funding for the project
  • Comply with State Aid regulations


How to apply

Please complete the Expression of Interest form from the link below and return it to us by email.  One of our advisers will contact you and applicants whose Expressions of Interest are approved will be invited to submit a full application.  The deadlines are as follows: 


Expression of Interest 


Full Application 


May competition 18 April 2017 3 May 2017
July competition 12 June 2017 28 June 2017
September competition 21 August 2017 6 September 2017
November competition 16 October 2017 1 November 2017
January 2018 competition 14 December 2017 3 January 2018
March 2018 competition 12 February 2018 28 February 2018

Click here to view the Let's Grow North & East Yorkshire Guidelines

Click here to download the Let's Grow North & East Yorkshire Expression of Interest Form

Click here to download the Let's Grow North & East Yorkshire Process Map


Please contact us for more information about the Let's Grow North & East Yorkshire programme:

Telephone:      0191 389 8434